William Croft: A Hymn on Divine Musick

William Croft: A Hymn on Divine Musick


A solo song for soprano (or tenor) and continuo.  Available in 2 options – D minor and C minor.  This features on Delicatessen (DMCD001).

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This wonderful work for voice (S or T) and continuo is taken from Two Divine Hymns: being a Suppliment to the second Book of Harmonie Sacrae (1700).  William Croft (1678 – 1727) was an English composer and organist – in 1708 he succeeded Blow as Organist of Westminster Abbey.

The music is written in D minor; pitch in England may have been around a tone lower than modern (a=392) so a version is also offered in C minor.

The text:

What art thou? From what causes dost thou spring? Oh!
Musick thou Divine Misterious thing? Let me, let me but
know, and knowing give me Voice to sing? Art thou the
warmth in Spring, that Zephire breathes? Painting the Meads,
and whistling through the leaves. The happy, happy Season
that all grief exiles, When God is Pleas’d and the Creation
Smiles? Or art thou Love, that mind to mind imparts, the
endless concord of agreeing hearts? Or art thou Friendship,
yet a nobler Flame, that can a dearer way make Souls the
same? Or art thou rather which do all transcend, the Centre
which at last the Blest ascend, the seat where Hallelujahs
never end; Corporeal Eyes won’t let us clearly see, but either
thou art Heav’n, or Heav’n is thee.


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D minor, C minor